Context Awareness on Android Wear

Some of the most powerful user experiences with Android Wear are based on context-aware notifications and actions. By using device sensors and other contextual cues, your app can reveal information and functionality precisely when the user needs it, at a glance.

For example, if you’re building a social app for restaurants, you can recommend popular menu items when your app recognizes that the user is at a restaurant. More examples below provide basic ideas about what you can do with a notification and action confirmation in your Android Wear app.


Displays a notification when one of your geo-tagged pins is within walking distance.


Displays property details and contact options when you are near a new home.

Ski Conditions

Displays lift status and slope conditions when you arrive at a ski resort.


Controls automatically appear when you are at home.


Displays air miles while you are waiting at the gate.


Displays late check out option on the morning of your departure.


Shows which of your friends are also attending the conference.


Provides suggestions for the healthiest items on the menu when in a restaurant.

Oil Change

Offers to set a reminder to change the oil again in six months while waiting at the garage.

Car Sharing

Unlocks the car as you approach it.


Notifies visitors when the penguins are going to be fed.

Location-based Query

Ask things like, "Are there any picnic tables free at the park?" and get answers from people who are there.