You may use these materials without restriction to facilitate your app design and implementation.

Phone & Tablet Stencils

Drag and drop your way to beautifully designed Android apps. The stencils feature the rich typography, colors, interactive controls, and icons found throughout Android, along with phone and tablet outlines to frame your creations. Source files for icons and controls are also available.

Action Bar Icon Pack

Action bar icons are graphic buttons that represent the most important actions people can take within your app. More on Action Bar Iconography

The download package includes icons that are scaled for various screen densities and suitable for use with the Holo Light and Holo Dark themes. The package also includes unstyled icons that you can modify to match your theme, plus source files.

Android Wear Materials

UI toolkit

The toolkit contains detailed specs and measurements of all of the primary Android Wear UI components. Available in PDF and Illustrator formats.

Sample user flow patterns

Examples of how to chain together simple Android Wear UI components into common user flow patterns, from simple notifications to complex interactions involving full screen activities.

Sample app design mocks

Stream cards and UI elements for some example apps in fully editable PSD format.

Watch faces UI toolkit

Detailed specifications and measurements for the the background canvas, notification cards, and system indicators.

Slide watch face

Example of a watch face design in AI format.

Slide watch face specifications

Design specifications for the Slide watch face in PSD format.

Watch face icon example

Template for creating watch face icons for the carousel on Android Wear devices.



Ice Cream Sandwich introduced a new type family named Roboto, created specifically for the requirements of UI and high-resolution screens.

For Android Wear, Roboto Condensed is the system font and the Regular and Light variants should be used by all Wear apps.

More on Roboto

Roboto on Google Fonts

Roboto Condensed on Google Fonts


In Android's color palette, each color has a corresponding darker shade that can be used as a complement when needed.

More on Color